Zombie Frog?

The other day, My two younger brothers brought home a frog from the park, found an old fish tank to put him in, and adopted him into our family. They would sit outside and watch the new family member hop around the tank for hours. And then a few short days later, the tragic accident happened. The newly adopted frog had jumped on a piece broken glass, cut himself, and bled out. I found the whole thing really gross. Then Mason had an awful idea, he picked up the dead frog, and chased my sister around the house with it! After we got Mason to calm down, we told him it would be best in he buried the frog outside, he agreed and went outside to bury the frog. Mason had a better idea, he decided to do an exploratory autopsy, with a butter knife. Yes, you heard me, a BUTTER knife. I was watching him through the window when I realized what he was doing, and ran outside with a small shovel. I restrained myself from screaming at him and just dug a deep hole to bury the remains. After he dropped the frog into his resting place, we said a few kind words, put some dirt on top, and laid a stone over the grave. I thought it was over. I was painfully wrong. The very next day the grave was empty. Mason wont fess up or tell us where the corpse lay, this is very unsettling because he could have put it ANYWHERE.

This post may have a part 2 if I find the frog, so stay tuned! Leave me comment if you have any idea where “Zombie Frog” could be and don’t forget to make Mason feel famous and subscribe! Thanks!

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18. May 2011 by Petra
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Koinonia and the Lone Ranger

Hi-ho, Silver, Away!

“When the West was young and danger lay at the end of every trail, the Lone Ranger  and his faithful Indian companion, Tonto, brought law and order to the length and breadth of the early Western states.”

For many years, I have accepting the idea that it is at least possible to be a “Lone Ranger Christian”, the Holy Spirit by your side, reading the Word, getting teachings on the Internet, TV, and Christian radio, hanging out with Christian friends as fellowship, no need to be a member of a local church.  It seems so reasonable – We are taught in Scripture that our salvation is a personal one, between us and Jesus. We yearn for a personal relationship with the Father, made possible though the Son by the Holy Spirit. Jesus is all we need, right? Continue Reading →

21. September 2010 by ChrisJ
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6 Really Bad Reasons to Have (More) Kids

  1. Have someone to fetch beverages from the fridge.
    The reality is that no one under the age of five can carry a can of carbonated  refreshment without shaking it. Getting from the living room to the kitchen and back almost certainly involves running twice around “the loop”, hopscotch across the kitchen tiles, lifting the can over the head (and dropping it) like a muscle man, and finally, leaping, in a single bound, over the arm of the couch to triumphantly deliver the beverage. Continue Reading →

17. February 2010 by ChrisJ
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Be the Man!

I don’t get a lot of comments on my blog, so it’s encouraging when I do. On one of my previous posts, Writing on the Door Post, a slow trickle a comments has broken my heart and got my hackles up a bit, as well. While the blog is about memorizing scripture, for one reader it triggered memories of a Christian father who abandoned  his family for a younger woman. Another reader’s pain and frustration with unfaithful men wrecking havoc on wives and children. Continue Reading →

10. February 2010 by ChrisJ
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NOAA/Google Weather Maps

When I was a kid, we listened to the local radio station for updates on impending snow storms. Next came storm tracking updates from the local broadcast TV news with updates on the half hour.

While at UMF in the early 90’s, one the computer center staff created a program that rendered raw NOAA satellite data over an image of a Maine map. We could see real-time satellite maps of a comming storm – if you counted the 30 minute rendering time on a 286 PC and nearly as long downloading the data files over the university 56k line.

Later, I remember hovering over weather.com for updated views and reports.

This morning, we are on the bleeding edge of Web 2.0 as the boys hover over the NOAA’s beta display . Their NEXRAD maps use a composite of Google Maps, radar images and weather warnings complete with animated time loops.

Now, if they could only do real-time Street View of the storm so I know when the plow trucks have blocked in the end of the driveway!

31. December 2009 by admin
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Email to SMS Gateways

Most major cellular carriers provide an email address for each user that will forward email as a text message to their phone. I have been digging around to find providers local to my area (central Maine) with the idea of creating a SMS prayer list tool.

Just so I don’t lose track of these:

Alltel – 2125551212@message.alltel.com
AT&T/Cingular – 3215551212@txt.att.net
Boost Mobile – 3215551212@myboostmobile.com
US Cellular – 3215551212@email.uscc.net
Nextel – 3215551212@messaging.nextel.com
Sprint PCS – 3215551212@messaging.sprintpcs.com
T-Mobile – 3215551212@tmomail.net
Verizon – 3215551212@vtext.com
Virgin Mobile – 3215551212@vmobl.com

There is a huge list available here.

04. December 2009 by admin
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Good Morning, Daddy!

Just about every morning, one or both of my two youngest boys wakes us up to crawl in bed for a morning snuggle. It is pretty easy to predict how the day will go for them by how they act in those early morning minutes. If they are whiny, or argumentative, or sullen, it’s going to be one of “those days”. If they are cuddly, or silly and playful, or asking about what they get to do today, it is likely to be a good day.

The sovereign LORD has given me the capacity to be his spokesman,
so that I know how to help the weary.
He wakes me up every morning;
he makes me alert so I can listen attentively as disciples do.
– Isaiah 50:4 Continue Reading →

25. November 2009 by ChrisJ
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StumbleUpon Alternatives for Your Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar

If your a StumbleUpon addict like myself, chances are, you have gotten “You have seen all your topic here pages. Explore others…” as a result of pecking at the “Stumble!” button like a demented, tic-tac-toe playing chicken.
While reviewing more sites can add a little spark back into your stumbles, it’s a bit of a “cart and horse” problem if the main way you find interesting sites is through StumbleUpon. It seems some alternatives are in order. If you are using Firefox, drag any of the following links to your Bookmarks Toolbar:

  1. Random Wikipedia – Wikipedia provides a special link that will pick an interesting article for you to read – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random
  2. Random Del.icio.us – Del.icio.us provides a link redirecting you to one of it’s more recently added links.
  3. Random Google – If you have Google Web History turned on, this link, http://www.google.com/searchhistory/items?op=rec_rd&cd=ifb&hl=en, will take you to a random link related to your previous surfing history. Google provides the same functionality through recent version of their Google Toolbar.

There are also StumbleUpon-like services out there, like SpinSnap and Youlicit, but I like keeping the above links around for a quick, random-link fix.

13. December 2008 by admin
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Dugg up – When old blog posts come back from the Dead

I am on the tail end of the effects of appearing on the front page of Digg. I hadn’t posted in a while (major new job, new church building, new home group, etc., etc.) so I was a bit off guard when I got an email from my shared hosting company, saying they had disabled my front page due to excessive CPU usage (load average of 70, mostly my fault).
Like a good programmer, my first thought was “What has changed?” quickly followed by the recollection that WordPress 2.6.3 had released a few days ago and I updated it last night.

I would now like to take a moment to ask for forgiveness from the anonymous WordPress developers who’s names I took in vain and accused of being far less talented than they actually are. I am deeply sorry and it won’t happen again. I hope…

It wasn’t until I got WP-Super-Cache installed and the site back up, that I took time to look at the stats. Over 8000 hit in a few hours and rising quickly!
Continue Reading →

26. October 2008 by admin
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timekpr Grows Up ( or “Why I Love Open Source” )

Back in February, I had the need to limit the amount of time my kids spent on a shared Ubuntu box. I cobbled together a simple script that would give a warning then shutdown the user session. It worked for me (made my kids unhappy, tho’), but I knew it could be better. Dispite my full knowledge it was a cheesy little script, I posted it on my blog since it fit I need I had as a Dad that I thought others might have.

Well, a number of folks have commented, posted bug fixes and enhancements, even translated it to Hungarian! A few hours ago, one of the folks that had offered others help and enhancements on Ubuntu Forums, Even Nedberg, posted a comment to the old blog entry that he and a friend had converted the script to Python and added a GUI and other cool enhancements.They have even set up a project at launchpad.net to make the code more accessible.

Wow! I have been pretty busy this summer, and couldn’t have hoped to provide these types enhancements, but thanks to the spirit of open source and the need to “scratch an itch”, ‘timekpr’ has grown up, and is on it’s way to becoming a really useful (and needed) tool for the Linux desktop.

.nedberg and forger – Please take this blog entry as my permission to use the name ‘timekpr’ and any code or ideas in the original script (please don’t take the bugs, I’ll keep those!) and just go wild. I know parents will greatly appreciate you efforts!

28. September 2008 by Chris
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